The final countdown

By Floyd Toulet

Anxious, excited, hopeful, uncertain?

If you’ve reached the age where your next job could see you into retirement you’re probably feeling all these emotions – and more besides!

And it’s understandable. But with a little advanced preparation and thought the experience can actually be very rewarding.

So before you start your next job search, step back and spend a little time thinking about your career to date, the things that have driven you and where you want to go next.

What was the best job you had? Was it the one that paid the most, or the one that you found most prestigious? Were you ambitious? Are you now? Do you want your final job to be the most challenging yet or the most flexible?

The chances are that the sort of jobs that inspired you in the past are going to be the same that will motivate you today. So think carefully about what you want from your next move and tailor your search accordingly.

Remember that with age comes experience so don’t let any young whippersnappers out there convince you that you’re past your best. Even the law is on your side because as of October 2006, you have the right to take legal action against any organisation or business you believe discriminates because of age. The Regulations provide protection against age discrimination in employment, training and adult education, for people of all ages.

Finally, you might want to use this opportunity to take a fresh look at your finances. Is everything in order? Will you be prepared for retirement when it comes? Could an independent finance adviser help you make the most of your remaining time in employment?

You’ve earned the right to end your working career on a high and we genuinely hope these suggestions will help you achieve it. Good luck.



Motivation matters
Are the things that motivated you in past jobs, the same today? Put your thoughts down on paper if it helps you form a clearer picture of your ideal job. You can then use what you learn to create a more personalized and useful job search.


Experience counts
Your experience could be just what a business needs so don’t let others devalue it. As of October 2006 it’s against the law to discriminate against someone because of their age.


Future proof your finances
Look into the pension plans and contributions your potential employer has to offer. If there’s something you don’t understand you can either ask them or an independent financial adviser to explain it to you.


You’re not retired yet
Business doesn’t have to be all hard work so make the most of the social life that comes with your new job. It can be fun and a great way to break barriers and form friendships.


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